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Casper Millers Land Records

McCubbin’s Collection, Rowan County, NC, Salt Lake City, Film #19875.  Underlines are Ms.  McCubbins, not mine.

1.  Miller (Waters of Grants Creek)

Book 6 page 318; Oct. 16, 1766, George Christopher Knertzer* (writes well) & wife Eve (makes her mark) let Casper Miller—all of Rowan Co. N.C.—have 540 ¾ acres of north side Grants Creek next George Bruner & John Long, for 5 shillings—the release price being 110 pounds on next day, witnessed by John Braly  & Daniel Little & provide in (This is whole tract which Conrod Arrant* let said Knertzer have on Oct. 26-27 1764 excepting 17 ¼ acres which said Knertzer reserves for himself.)

3.  Book 17, page 117; Jan. 25, 1800, Casper Miller—no wife signs—lets Adam Miller (both of Rowan Co., N.C.) have 149 acres & 8 chains where said Casper Miller now lives & which he bought of George Christopher Knetzer on Oct 17 1766, next George Miller, Alexander Long & the old line, for $300.00 witnessed by Jacob Miller & Benjamin Hodgens & proved by the latter in Feb. 1800.

 4.  Book 17 page 115, Same Day another from same to Jacob Miller (both of Rowan) for 155 acres being part of where Casper Miller now lives next to old tract & John Miller, including part of the improvement & the meadow, for $300.00, witnessed by Adam Miller & Benjamin Hodgens & proved by the latter in Feb. 1800.

 5.  Book 17, page 119: Jan. 25, 1800 Casper Miller—no wife signs—lets John Miller (both of Rowan Co., N.C.) have 150 acres, beginning at the corner of the whole tract to a pine & going with the same line 28 chains & 80 links to a small pin, north a new line, 36 chains to a stake on the line of Leonard Swink, past with his line 78 chains & 80 links to a stake on the old line, south 13 chains & 50 links to a stone, east 4 chains & 50 links to a stake north 22 chains & 50 links to a ___ gum in the swamp, then north to the original corner of said Casper Miller, which includes the 140 acres which the said Casper Miller bought of Christian Goughenour* & 10 acres of the old tract of said Casper Miller, for $300.00.  witnessed by Adam Miller & Benjamin Hodgen & proved by the latter in Feb. Court of 1800. 

6.  Book 12, page 552: Dec 20 1791, Christian Goughenour—no wife signs—lets Casper Miller, (both of Rowan Co., N.C.) have 140 acres on the waters of Grants Creek, beginning on the corner of the whole tract at a pine & going west with the same 38 chains & 80 links to a small pine, north, a new line, 36 chains to a stake on the line of Leonard Swink, east with his line 38 chains & 80 links to a stake on the corner of the whole tract, then south with the same to the beginning, for 100 pounds witnessed by ?, Arthur Hulen or Bulen & Peter Brown & proved by Henry Swink in Feb. court of 1792.

 7.  Feb. 11, 1792; Deed from Chrisitian Cochanour to Casper Miller for 140 acres Dec. 20, 1791 proved by Henry Swink.

Deed Records from abstracts; they repeat much of the above McCubbins’ Collection.

1.  Abstracts of the Deed of Rowan County, North Carolina 1753-1785, Volumes 1-10; Jo White Linn; page 84:

 6:318.  16 Oct. 1766.  George Christopher Knertzer & wf Eve (X) to Casper Miller for £110 PA money, 540 ¾ A on N side Grants Crk adj Geo Bruner & John Long sold him by Conrod Arrant 27 Oct. 1764 except 17 ½ A Knertzer reserves for himself.  John Braly, Danl Little.  Prvd. Oct. Court 1766.

Page 72

Deed Book 12

1576. p. 552.  30 Dec 1791.  Christian Coughenour to Casper Miller for £100, 140 A on Grants Crk adj Leonard Swink.  Wit: Peter Brown, [a German signature], Artur (S) [?]. Prvd by Henry Swink at Feb Ct 1792.

 15.  Abstracts of Deed Books 20-24 of Rowan County North Carolina 1807-1818; page 33;  James W. Kluttz

10 May 1806 William Chapman to Alexander Long for £183.04, 177 a adj this Grantee.  It was conveyed by Peter Brown as exr of Gasper Miller to this Grantor on 21 Jul 1801.  Wit: Lydia Cowan, M Stokes, Edwards Chambers.  Prvd by Chambers at May Ct 1807.

 19.  Deed Book 17; page 116; 1005

25 Jan 1800

Casper (C) Miller to Adam Miller for $300, 149 A and 8 chains adj George Miller and Alexander Long.  It being part of the tract where this grantor lived was sold by George Christopher Knetzer to this Grantor on Oct 17 1766.  Wit: Benja Hodgens, Jacob Miller.  Prvd by Hodgens at Feb court 1800.

 20.  Deed Book 17; page 115; 1004

5 Jan 1800

Casper (C) Miller to Jacob Miller for $300, 155 A adj John Miller.  It being part of the tract where this grantor lived, including part of the improved land and meadow.  Wit Benja Hodgens, Adam Miller.  Prvd by Hodgens at Feb court 1800.

 21.  Abstracts of Deed Books 11-14 of Rowan County North Caroilna 1786-1797; page 552; 1576; Deed Book 12

30 Dec 1791

Christian Coughenour to Casper Miller for £100, 140 A on Grants Greek adj Leonard Swink.  Wit: Peter Brown, (a German signature), Artur (S) Prvd by Henry Swink at Feb court 1792.

Choices determine what we have, what we become, and where we are going. Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we choose to respond. We must make choices. To put off or avoid making a choice is a choice. If we want to change we must take responsibility for the choices we have made that created a bad situation. We can only change the things we take responsibility for, if we choose not to take responsibility, we are choosing to remain powerless over our own lives. James A. Miller



Was Michael Miller Casper Miller's Son?

This is the court record that throws a wrench in everybody's gears. Michael was not an heir and how could he have been orphaned before Casper and Mary died - at least 12 years later? I question whether Michael was a bad boy who was cast out; notice it doesn't say Casper Miller is deceased. The next document shows a Michael Miller dying in Rowan County in 1793 and another 1814.

Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Please and Quarter Sessions Rowan County, North Carolina;

1775-1789, page 184

5:179. 4 Nov. 1788.  Justices: Geo H Berger, Max Chambers, Mathew Brandon, Michael Miller, 13 ½ , orphan of Casper Miller, apprenticed to Peter Mock until 21 to learn Shoemaker’s Trade & at Expiration of Term be given a Horse Saddle & Bridle worth £20 & a set of Shoemaker’s Tools besides What directed by Law.  (I wonder about this one; it doesn’t make sense.)

Abstracts of Wills and Estate Records of Rowan County, North Carolina 1753-1805 and Tax Lists of 1759 and 1778; page 104:

Miller, Andrew 1778?

Miller, Casper 1801

Miller, George 1792

Miller, Henry 1812 division

Miller, John 1807 legatee Valentine Miller

Miller, Michael 1793

Miller, Michael 1814

Miller, Thomas 1794

Miller, William 1758

Miller, Windle 1805 

Casper's Daughter Mary _____

Casper had one daughter, Mary, who was cared for by Henry C Kern, a fellow Dunker. Click the images below to view the actual documents.

Documents courtesy of Dwayne Meyer.

4.  Mary MILLER, orphan; died ca 1815 in Rowan County, North Carolina.

State of North Carolina

Know all Men by these Presents, That Henry C. Kern Jacob Rebiler Jacob Lyarly are held and firmly bound unto George McCulloh John Marsh Adam Shroat Esquires, and the rest of the Justices assigned to keep the peace for Rowan county, in the just and full sum of two hundred pounds, current money of the said estate, to be paid McCulloh Marsh Stroat of their successors; to the which payment well and truly to be made, we bind our selves, our heirs, executers and administrators, justly and severally, firmly by these presents.  Sealed with our seals, and dated this 23 day of August Anno Domini 1815.

 Whereas the above bounden Henry C Kerns hath been this day, by the worshipful court of said county, appointed guardian to Mary Miller orphan of Casper Miller deceased: Now the condition of the above obligation is such, that is the said Henry C Kern Guardian as aforesaid, shall well and truly discharge his said guardianship, by taking care and improving all the estate belonging to the said orphan; and shall also settle his guardianship accounts with the court of said county, as is required by law; and that he will deliver up to the said Mary Miller orphan as aforesaid, when he shall attain lawful age, all such estate as he ought of right to be possessed of, or sooner if required, agreeable to the true intent and meaning of the act of the General Assembly in such case made and provided; then this obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered                Henry C Kern

In the Presence off                                Jas Ribeler

Jn Tilesle                                                          J Lyarly

 Henry C Kern

Guardian of

Mary Miller

His account February 1820

August 26 1815 Henry C Kern guardian for Mary Miller Decd Daughter of Casper Miller Decd

August              Amount in hand for said ward Rcd                    Augst

28, 1819                      from Moses Brown Administrator                     26, 1815  Cash Paid to the clerk for the

                        of the Estate of Jeremiah Brown                        Guardian Bond 60 cts



This information is the research of many people across the United States and may contain errors. It is presented as the best information to date. Like all of those whose work I have incorporated herein, my research is a work in progress and subject to change without notice. A special thanks to Marlene Ricci of CA, Dwayne Meyer of CA, Jacqueline Bean of TX, Debbie Dick of IN, Milus Miller of IL, Carol Hendricks Miller of IN, Clarence Miller of IN, and Harold Glen Miller of IN. There are numerous others too; many of which are unknown, but their findings and stories are still much appreciated. Much of this would not have been possible with out their information. Also this website includes historical facts gathered from Washington County History, Indiana History, Rowan County and Salisbury North Carolina Historical sources and other US Historical sources.

James A. Miller- Great -Great -Great -Great Grandson of Adam Miller and Hannah Sheets.

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