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Dunkers who served in the American Revolution

Casper Miller was a Guard of the Goal. The information to the right is taken directly from the source.

Clarence J. Miller

Clarence Jason Miller lived in Washington County Indiana his whole life, from 1886 until 1969. He lived a pioneer's life, living without electricity or running water on his 60 acre farm until he died. He was the second generation of Miller musicians and had both of his sons playing fiddle too. His wife Nettie Mae Marshall was the only person to hear all 5 generations play. They are both buried at the Hardinsburg Indiana Cemetery. Clarence is the Great Great Grandson of Casper Miller.

The happiness of life is made up of fractions

--the little, soon forgotten charities of a kiss or a smile,

a kind look,

a heartfelt compliment

-- countless infinitesimals of pleasurable and genial feeling.  

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1.  Rowan County, NC Guards for Salisbury Goal; page 1: This book contains a particular list and account of the person names who kept guard at the Goal of Salisbury, for the District of Salisbury in the months of August, September, and October 1778 by order of the County Court of Rowan for that purpose with the Captainís company each person respectively belonged to.

Page 19;

August 25th , 1789?

Sheriff hired 2 men                    2

Jone Bone                                1


Caspar Miller

Peter Goodman

Conrod Carns

George Smith

Richard Walton

John Carns

James Hendricks

Adam Carns

Page 20

John Houlton

Daniel Capp

This information is the research of many people across the United States and may contain errors. It is presented as the best information to date. Like all of those whose work I have incorporated herein, my research is a work in progress and subject to change without notice. A special thanks to Marlene Ricci of CA, Dwayne Meyer of CA, Jacqueline Bean of TX, Debbie Dick of IN, Milus Miller of IL, Carol Hendricks Miller of IN, Clarence Miller of IN, and Harold Glen Miller of IN. There are numerous others too; many of which are unknown, but their findings and stories are still much appreciated. Much of this would not have been possible with out their information. Also this website includes historical facts gathered from Washington County History, Indiana History, Rowan County and Salisbury North Carolina Historical sources and other US Historical sources.

James A. Miller- Great -Great -Great -Great Grandson of Adam Miller and Hannah Sheets.

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