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Palatine Passengers on Board the Ship

"John & William"

Germany to Pennsylvania 1732

This page lists information  from the 1934 printing of "Pennsylvania German Pioneers" A list of ships arriving in Philadelphia 1727 to 1808 , Vol. 1, 1727 to 1775 by Ralph Beaver Strassburger, LL.D. edited by William John Hinke, Ph.D., D.D.

This list has the ages following. Other lists may show letters in parenthesis in the body of the name. The individual would make their mark there. Other letters following names or titles in the texts are for subscript letters in the original print.

[List 28A]

A List of Palatine Passengers on Board the Ship

 "John and William"

Constable Tymberton, Commander, from Rotterdam.

[Qualified October 17, 1732.]

Hans Earhart Vosselman
Pieter Harbyn, sick
Hans Emich
Helflick Shedeicher
Laurence Rosier, sick
Johannes Deynen
Stephen Matts
Fridrich Cooler, sick
Pieter Huvigh
Michael Wysel
Fridrich Wisel
Laurence Keiyfer
Philip Melchionar, sick
Ludwick Melchionar
Johannes Yege
Bartel Moll
Philip Reynhart
Hans Pieter Britbill
Benedick Britbill
Jacob Britbill
Hans Britbill
Johan Vintenhelver, sick
Hand Jerick Spreaker
Johannes Nagel
Pieter Smidt
Johannes Hunsam
Johan Michael Hufman
Nicholas Paushon
Bernard Weymer
Balsar Gerloch
Christian Low
Conraed Low
Ludwick Hugel
Jacob Weyber
Morris Lorrence
Johannes Shook
Hans Jacob Reyl
Jerig Adam Stis
Philip Jacob Proops, sick
Michael Miller, sick

Note: Philip Jacob Proops and Michael Miller are both sick. In the women and children's list the Millers and the Proops are again listed together. They probably made the trip  together caring for their sick husbands.

Abraham Dubo
Philip Dubo, sick
Hans Jerick Roerbach
Johan Michael Smit
Adam Wilt
Gerich Albrecht
Antonius Albrecht
Hans Woolf Doopel, sick
Joseph Houbly, sick
Hans Philip Glais
Conrad Gets
Nicholaus Kooger
Jacob Kooger
Mathias Menser
Bastian Trookmiller
Giedon Huffer
Hans Reyl
Johan Martin Shoppfield
Hans Jerich Martin
Casperrias Vielard
Paul Derst
Hendrick Gek
Mathias Rubichon
Johannes Vigelie
Jacob Hendrick
Philip Melchior Meyer
Johan Jerich Vansettel
Pieter Apfel
Jerich Vybert
Jacob Sheare
Michael Proops, sick

Women & Children

Elisabetha Margareta
Margaret Harbyn
Dorothy Emich
Nicholas Emich
Johannes Emich
Jacob Emich
Marilas Shyndech
Cathrina Matts
Dorothy Rosar
Dorothy Kooler
Elisabeth Kooler
Barbara Hyvigh
Susanna Wysel
Ablonia Wysel
Barbara Wysel
Barbara Kuyser
Maris Savina [Kuyser]
Johan David [Kuyser]
Luodwick Melchionar
Anna Drogo
Maria Katrina
Paulina Yege
Katrina Moll
Maria Britbill
Anna Britbill
Maria Helferen
Christophel Helferen
Cathrina Spreakering
Maria Nagelin
Cathrena Shabel
Maria Smit
Maria Hausman
Eva Hausman
Magdalena Panchson
Andreas Panchson
Hendrich Panchson
Maria Panchson
Eve Panchson
Barbara Veymert
Johannes Veymert
Maria Gerloch
Anna Gluf Lowein
Philip Lowein
Christian Lowein
Barbara Lowein
Margaret Lowein
Anna Hugel Reyn
Christina Bever
Jacob Bever
Dorothy Bever
Barbara Lorrence
Maria Shooken
Hans Shooken
Maria Shooken
Cathrina Shooken
Jacob Lorrence
Eve Reylen
Jerick Reylen
Jacob Vry
Catharin Spis
Susanna Spis
Michael Proops
Felder Proops
Cathrina Miller
Cathrina Miller
Philiphbena Miller
Caspar Miller
Hans Miller
Michael Miller

Cathrina Proops
Anna Dubo
Anna Smit
Barbara Albrecht
Peter Albrecht
Hans Albrecht
Susan Husselich
Bernard Husselich
Michael Husselich
Maria Glassen
Maria Getson
Cathrina Trookmiller
Cathrina Reyl
Michael Reyl
Maria Reyl
Anna Martin
Maria Martin
Michael Martin
Magdalena Vielard
Charl. De Meyeren
Cathrina Vansettel
Johan Revenooch
Apalonia Apel
Sophia Rynhart
Anna Kootson
Anna Wyberton
Gertruy Smiden
Maria Vyberton
Susan Vyberton

[71 men, 98 women & children]. A true List. Constable Tymperton.

Philad(ia) Oct(r) 17th 1732. At the Courthouse Present: The Hon(ble),
the L(t) Gov(r), S. Hasell, Esq(r), May(r), Charles Read, Esq(r).

The foregoing List was by the Master af(d) declared to be a full & true one. Rob(t) Charles, Cl. Con.

"At the Courthouse of Philadelphia, October 17th, 1732.

Sixty one Palatines, who with their families, making in all One hundred and sixty nine persons,
were imported in the Pink John & William of Sunderland, Constable Tymberton, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Dover, as by Clearance thence." From the Minutes of the Provincial Council, printed in Colonial Records, Vol. III, p.466.

[List 28 B]

Palatines imported in the

"Pink John and William"

of Sunderland, Constable Tymberton, M(r)., from Rotterdam, but last from Dover p. Clearance thence. Qualified October 17th 1732.

Bernard (X) Weymer
C. Wilgar
Moritz (O) Lorentz
Jerig (O) Albright
Lorentz (O) Keefer
Jacob (JB) Brakebill
Stephen (O) Mattes
Bartel Maul
Hans Gorg Marttin
Hans Erhart Vosselman
Hans (O) Emich
Feltich (O) Sheydecker
Joh(s) (O) Deynen
Pieter (O) Haywigh
Michael Weissel
Fredrick (O) Wysell
Ludwig Johann Herr
Johann Jagi
Johann Philippus Reinhart
Hans Pieter (O) Brechbill
Benedict (O) Brechbill
Hans Jerig (O) Spreicker
Johannes (O) Nagel
Pieter (O) Smidt
Johannes (O) Housam
Johann Michael Hoffman
Johann Nicklaus Boschung
Balser Gerlach
Christman Low
Conraad (O) Low
Lodwig (O) Hugel
Jacob Weber
Johannes (O) Shook
Hans Jacob Reyel
Hans Adam (O) Stis
Abraham (O) Dubo
Hans Jerig (O) Roarback
Johann Nicklaus Schmidt
Adam (O) Wilt
Antoni Albrecht
Hans Philip (O) Glais
Conraad (O) Getts
Nick. Koger
Jacob Koger
Mattheus Manser
Bastian (O) Trookmiller
Gideon (O) Huffer
Hans Rihl
Johan Martin Schopfer
Johann Paul Derst
Henrich Geck
Mathias (O) Rubichon
Johannes Vogle
Jacob Henrich
Philip Melchior Meyer
Johan Jorg Wahnsidel
Johann Peter Apfel
Jerig (O) Vypert
Jan Jacob Scherr

[List 28 C]

Palatines imported in the Pink John & William, Constable Tymberton, Master. Qualified Oct(r) 17th 1732.

Bernhard (X) Wymer
C. Wilgar
Moritz (X) Laurenz
Georg (O) Albrecht
Laurenz (O) Kieffer
Jacob (JB) Brechbiel
Stephen (O) Matthes
Bartel Maul
Hans Gorg Marttin
Hans Erhart Vosselmann
Johannes (O) Emich
Felten (O) Scheadecker
Johannes (O) Deynen
Pieter (O) Haywigh
Michael Weissel
Frederick (O) Wyssel
Ludwig Johan Ernst Herr
Johanns Jagi
Johann Phillippus Reinhart
Hans Peter (O) Brechbill
Benedic (O) Brechbill
Hans (O) Brechbill
Hans Georg (O) Sprecher
Johannes (O) Nagel
Peter (O) Smidt
Johannes (O) Housam
Johan Michael Hoffman
Johann Nicklaus Boschung
Balser Gerlach
Christman Lau
Conrad (O) Law
Ludwig (O) Hoogel
Jacob Weber
Johannes (O) Schook
Hans Jacob Reyel
Georg Adam (O) Stiess
Abraham (O) Dubo
Hans Georg (O) Rohrbach
Johann Nicklaus Schmid
Adam (O) Wilt
Antoni Albrecht
Hans Philips (O) Kleas
Conrad (O) Gotz
Nicklaus Koger
Jacob Koger
Jacob Mattheus Manser
Sebastian (O) Trockenmiller
Gideon (O) Hoffer
Hans Rihl
Johan Martin Schopfele
Johann Paul Derst
Henrich Geck
Matthias (O) Rubichon
Johannes Vogle
Jacob Henrich
Philip Melchior Meyer
Philip Jorg Wahnsidel
Johann Peter Apfel
Georg (O) Wypert
Jan Jacob Scherr

October 17th 1732. At the Courthouse before the Governor and several Magistrates the foregoing Qualifications were taken & subscribed by the several foreigners whose Names are contained on this Leaf. Rob(t) Charles, Cl. Con.


This information is the research of many people across the United States and may contain errors. It is presented as the best information to date. Like all of those whose work I have incorporated herein, my research is a work in progress and subject to change without notice. A special thanks to Marlene Ricci of CA, Dwayne Meyer of CA, Jacqueline Bean of TX, Debbie Dick of IN, Milus Miller of IL, Carol Hendricks Miller of IN, Clarence Miller of IN, and Harold Glen Miller of IN. There are numerous others too; many of which are unknown, but their findings and stories are still much appreciated. Much of this would not have been possible with out their information. Also this website includes historical facts gathered from Washington County History, Indiana History, Rowan County and Salisbury North Carolina Historical sources and other US Historical sources.

James A. Miller- Great -Great -Great -Great Grandson of Adam Miller and Hannah Sheets.

2004-2010 The Millers of Washington County

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